Determining Important Areas for Ponds
for the Freshwater Habitats Trust

myAcorn have worked with the Freshwater Habitats Trust to determine Important Areas for Ponds in the UK. The Important Areas for Ponds (IAP) concept was proposed and developed by the Freshwater Habitats Trust to raise awareness of geographic regions that support ponds of national or international biodiversity importance. The aim of IAPs is to identify networks of the most important ponds and their biodiversity. These areas can then be used to help focus strategies for pond monitoring, protection and appropriate management and creation.

Using data obtained from UK biological records centres, myAcorn created a database containing records for Species of Conservation Concern (SOCC) that may be associated with ponds. We then performed a spatial analysis to determine which of these records represent records associated with ponds. Various criteria were used to assess all UK ponds to determine whether or not they should be considered "Priority Ponds". Clusters of Priority Ponds may be used to determine Important Areas for Ponds.