Monitoring Coral Reefs in Belize
Using Remote Sensing
for the European Space Energy in collaboration with the University of Exeter

"Monitoring coral reefs in Belize using remote sensing" was a five-month Earth Observation demonstration carried out by the Marine Spatial Ecology Lab at the University of Exeter within the framework of the European Space Agency Earth Observation Market Development programme, in support of the World Bank. The project aimed to ascertain the potential of Earth Observation data for monitoring the health of, and stressors acting upon, coral reefs off the coast of Belize. Outcomes of the project included data layers demonstrating spatial variation in habitats, temperature regimes, wave exposure and the movement of larvae from one reef to another.

myAcorn was responsible for the development of the project website to present the aims, methods and outputs of the project. A key component of the website was an interactive map, capable of displaying and querying environmental, ecological and biological data layers. Using this mapping tool, the clients and their partners were able to identify the location of important marine habitats, connections among them and the spatial distribution of stressors, thereby supporting environmental monitoring and the management of coral reefs in the area.