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Barn Owl Videos

Welcome to the Ambios Ltd test webpage for our Leonardo Partnership project: Pilot e-module for biodiversity monitoring – capturing experience from older workers

This page provides a sub-titled translation in English, Hungarian and Polish for a short training video about monitoring barn owls. David Ramsden MBE, from the Barn Owl Trust UK introduces some aspects of survey and monitoring for this protected species. David is one of the UK's top experts on barn owl ecology and conservation and having just passed his 50th year is technically an 'older worker' from the European perspective. By clicking on the menu on the left, you can jump to the relevant part of the video and also see a translation of his words under the video.

Through a partnership from different European locations, this project will enhance and improve the quality of European biodiversity monitoring by sharing good practice and facilitating and capturing (into new e-learning content) a cascade of learning from older experienced workers to younger workers with no vocational qualifications. European biodiversity monitoring is a cornerstone for understanding the results of attempts to redress the potential negative effects of climate change. The project addresses the current European gap in these skills as experienced by the environmental conservation sector. By involving key stakeholder organisastions from three EU member states the Partnership will share perspectives on, and produce a pilot for, e-learning content to deliver sound ecological field skills. In addition, mobility visits will benefit individual development by exchanging subject, cultural and linguistic activities.

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